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14-16 September 2018
New College Oxford


Committee 2016 committee photograph, Oxford Union; current committee listed below.

Members of the Joint Planning Law Conference Committee (please note the dates below represent the years served on the joint planning law conference committee).

For The Bar

Mr Michael Humphries QC Mr Michael Humphries QC

Mr Rupert Warren QC Mr Rupert Warren QC

Paul Brown QC Paul Brown QC

Mary Cook Mary Cook

For The Law Society

Mr Duncan Field Mr Duncan Field
(2006 -present)

Ms Claire Dutch Ms Claire Dutch

Mr Matthew Whte Mr Matthew Whte
(2013 - to present)

For The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors

Mr Rory Joyce Mr Rory Joyce

Mary Power Mary Power
(2012 - to present)

Mr Robert Evans Mr Robert Evans
(2013 - to present)

For The Royal Town Planning Institute

Mr Mike Hayes CBE Mr Mike Hayes CBE

Trudi Elliott CBE Trudi Elliott CBE

Adrian Penfold OBE Adrian Penfold OBE
(2012 - to present)

Administrative Team

Ms Lucinda Howe Ms Lucinda Howe
Quadrilect Conferences and Training (1992 - present)

Former Committee Members

We would like to thank our former committee members for their services to the conference.

Former Bar representatives

Mr Keith Lindblom QC Mr Keith Lindblom QC

Mr Tim Corner QC Mr Tim Corner QC

Lionel Read QC Lionel Read QC

Bill Hicks QC Bill Hicks QC
(1989 - 2006)

Matthew Horton QC Matthew Horton QC


Jeremy Sullivan QC Jeremy Sullivan QC

Bernard Marder QC Bernard Marder QC

Iain Gildewell QC Iain Gildewell QC

Sir Patrick Neill QC Sir Patrick Neill QC

Michael FitzGerald OBE QC Michael FitzGerald OBE QC

Sir Frank Layfield QC Sir Frank Layfield QC

Peter Boydell QC Peter Boydell QC

Former RICS representatives

Mr Andrew Warner Mr Andrew Warner

Miss Sarah Stevens Miss Sarah Stevens

Mr Paul Shelley Mr Paul Shelley
(1998 - 2006)

Gordon Chard Gordon Chard

Jeremy Bayliss Jeremy Bayliss

Christopher Howes Christopher Howes

Rex Mercer Rex Mercer

John Trustman Eve John Trustman Eve

John Walshe John Walshe

Adrian Eve Adrian Eve

Dr Tom Hoyes Dr Tom Hoyes

Christopher Jonas Christopher Jonas

W G Nulty W G Nulty

Frank Knowles Frank Knowles

Gordon Hyde Gordon Hyde

Former Law Society representatives

Mr Paul Winter Mr Paul Winter

David Hawkins David Hawkins
(1997 - 2006)

Pat Thomas OBE Pat Thomas OBE

Philip Williams Philip Williams

Tony Ward Tony Ward

Tony Edwards Tony Edwards

Alan Mundy Alan Mundy

David George David George

Garry Hart Garry Hart

Sir Desmond Heap Sir Desmond Heap

Roger Suddards Roger Suddards
(1973-1980 and 1989-1990)

Former RTPI representatives

Mr Kelvin MacDonald Mr Kelvin MacDonald

Hilary Herbert Hilary Herbert

Leonora Rozee OBE Leonora Rozee OBE
(2009 - 2012)

Former Administrative Team

Mr Steven Durno Mr Steven Durno
The Law Society (1990 - 2014)

Yvonne Hanly Yvonne Hanly
RICS, 1990-2009

Lori Frecker Lori Frecker
The Law Society (2014-2015)

Duncan Neish Duncan Neish
The Law Society (2015-2018)

Chair Of The Joint Planning Law Conference Committee


2018 Trudi Elliott CBE (Chair), Paul Brown QC (Vice-Chair)
2017 Matthew White
2016 Mary Power
2015 Mary Cook
2014 Mike Hayes CBE
2013 Claire Dutch
2012 Sarah Stevens
2012 Andrew Warner
2011 Rupert Warren
2010 Kelvin MacDonald
2009 Duncan Field
2008 Rory Joyce
2007 Michael Humphries
2006 Pat Thomas
2005 Andrew Warner
2004 Keith Lindblom
2003 Paul Winter
2002 Paul Shelley
2001 Bill Hicks
2000 David Hawkins
1999 Rory Joyce
1998 Pat Thomas
1997 Andrew Warner
1996 Tony Ward
1995 Jeremy Bayliss
1994 Pat Thomas
1993 Gordon Chard
1992 Garry Hart
1991 Rex Mercer
1990 Roger Suddards
1989 John Trustram Eve
1988 Tony Ward
1987 John Walshe
1986 Garry Hart
1985 Tony Edwards
1984 Garry Hart
1983 W G Nutley
1982 Alan Mundy
1981 David George
1980 Gordon Hyde
1979 Tom Hoyes
1978 Garry Hart
1977 W G Nutley
1976 Roger Suddards
1975 Mr Swaffield
1974 W G Nutley
1973 Sir Frank Layfield


We have tried to be as accurate as we can with the above information. However if you are aware of any inaccuracies or can provide any further information or photographs Email:

2012 Committee Photo 2012 committee photograph, Oxford Union; current committee listed below.

Booking is now open for 2018 Joint Planning Law Conference

25 April 2018

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Please read our blogs page - we have a new blog from this year's conference

26 September 2017

A Scottish perspective on community participation in planning and other issues by Kate Houghton RTPI


One of the best planning law conferences in the annual calendar - you can always expect speakers who are both erudite and entertaining, professional organisation and an unparalleled opportunity to network in the bar and disco!

Principal Solicitor, Environment Agency

The Oxford Planning Conference is an excellent opportunity to keep up, both with the new developments and thinking in a rapidly changing world and also with old friends and colleagues. It is a winning combination of education and sociability which I always make it a point to try not to miss.

Barrister, No 5 Chambers

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